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Szakály Gergő ceremóniamester

About me

My name is Gergő Szakály. I was born in Debrecen in the early 90s. I grew up in a folk dancing family so there was no question about that it would be my ’compulsory’ hobby as well.

I danced for 15 years while attending languages and drama faculty at Ady Endre Secondary School. During my secondary school years, I participated in several plays in Csokonai Theatre, therefore as the years went by, I started to get interested in pursuing a career as an actor too.

In my last year at high school, I performed operetta songs throughout the eastern region of Hungary on a regular basis. However, the Institute of Theatre Arts did not start a musical actor course so I had to change my plans.

After finishing my master’s degree in Communication and Media Science, I worked as an event organiser and presenter for years, which also provided a lot of experience to be able to offer couples the best as a master of ceremonies.


“A wedding can be nice without a master of ceremonies… but it will certainly be fantastic with the right MC.”


The job of a master of ceremonies can be described in a simple sentence. This is the person who is responsible for making sure that everything is 100% in order at a wedding.

In contrast with a groomsman, an MC’s job is more about the coordination than entertainment. Of course, if there’s need for it (or the couple wants), I can always lighten up the mood with the right games.

As the master of ceremonies, I usually arrive an hour before the ceremony to welcome the wedding guests. From the first moment, I keep in touch with the guests, letting them know that if they need anything, they can ask me. I am in contact with the caterer, the band, the wedding planner and other support staff.

I emcee and coordinate the different wedding events such as wedding toasts, dinner, first dance, cake cutting, dance with the bride and so on.

At first glance, the MC’s task may seem easy, so many think that it is sufficient to ask a capable friend for the role. Honestly, it is one of the biggest mistakes possible. Most of my job takes place in the background, which is not even supervised by the couple. This profession, like many others, takes years of experience to fully master, it is not enough to be born for.



Prices are fully customized and the following requirements influence the total sum:


I do weddings and presenting... Budapest and in an hour's radius... Hungarian
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...and singing is not a problem for me either 🙂



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